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Tropic at Ruislip next week!!.... and Nene Valley Rock Festival!!!

Greetings Proglodites,

So we're a week or so away from our first show of 2023. We will be releasing some epic prog classics at Tropic At Ruislip on Friday 3rd March. Come and join us!! There will material not played at that venue before!!

See the Gig page for details and tickets..

In other news, we have been invited to open the Nene Valley Rock Festival on Thursday 31st August! The festival is selling tickets on a crowd funding platform and need to sell 400 tickets by 13th March to go ahead. Otherwise the event won't take place and any monies paid will be refunded. It's a great 4-day line up from Thursday 31st August to Sunday 3rd September!! It would be great for it to go ahead as planned!!

Please visit for more details, and hope to see you there!!

Live Long & Prosper..


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