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Thanks for Tropic, and Nene Valley Rock Festival!!!

Well, we had a brilliant first show of 2023. What an amazing crowd we had in. Quite a surprise considering we last played there in 2019! 4 years ago! Anyway, thanks to everyone that came and everyone that bought merch. Massive thanks also to Philip for everything (including running the projector cable along the ceiling!), and to Phil (sound engineer) who had us sounding fabulous using only an iPad!

We'll be back in Ruislip as soon as Philip sees fit!! Visit the Gallery pages to see the pics!

Again, the other news is the Nene Valley Rock Festival. There are 3 days left to the deadline for the 'will it go ahead' decision. It's a great 4-day line up from Thursday 31st August to Sunday 3rd September!! It would be great for it to go ahead as planned!! So visit the website and reserve your tickets now!!

Please visit for more details, and hope to see you there!!

Live Long & Prosper..



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