Dave started hitting things when he was about 8 years old! 

His drumming career started in earnest in 1986 when he joined psychedelic tribute, The Purple People Eaters, who played support to Cardiacs, amongst others!!

In the ensuing years Dave played with a multitude of bands including: Lunar Goose, Jinn House, Ouch, Duncan's Lunch (who were once supported by Travis), Slip, Cheyenne, Deja Vu, Tar Babies, Chain & The Asif Outlaws!

His big break came in 1997 when his mate Lee Pomeroy could no longer commit to playing with Think Floyd. Lee arranged an audition for Dave (as bass player!!). Dave toured with Think Floyd, for over 4 years. Dave then had both the Manager's chair, and the drum throne with Pink Fraud, where he met Phil Burns. Now look what's happened!....

DW Collector Series, Gretsch USA, Ludwig, Natal & Pearl drums, Paiste cymbals, sounds & gongs,

Latin Percussion, Gibraltar Hardware, Roland Electronics, Vic Firth sticks &

Remo heads, Protection Racket carpet, Hardcase drum cases & Brewdog Beer!

Favourite Prog Moment:
"The first time I heard Red by King Crimson, must've been when I was about

18, absolutely blew my mind and showed me the way to musical freedom!"