Phil is a multi-instrumentalist producer type, who started playing guitar at school, and then progressed to piano. He has been a professional backline technician and sound engineer for many years, having worked for some of the biggest names on the planet (including Keith Emerson during The Nice's Reunion in 2002) as well as in numerous instrument shops and rental companies. He was a founder member of top Pink Floyd tribute band “Pink Fraud” in the early 90’s, and enjoyed nearly 20 years of success at the top of the tribute scene. Pink Fraud retired in 2009. Phil teaches piano, bass guitar and drums and works as Performing Arts Technician at a comprehensive school in Essex. 

Other Projects:

original progressive/art-rock band


party/function covers band


Hammond XK3c Pro System Organ (endorsee!) w/ Neo Ventilator Leslie Simulator

Mellotron M4000D Mini (in M400 cabinet) / Nord Electro 3-61 / Yamaha P35 Stage Piano

Moog Sub37 Tribute Analog Synth

Soundcraft EPM Mixer

Dr Green Cubicle Reverb Pedal (for Mellotron) / Line 6 DL4 Delay Pedal (for Moog) / Boss Volume Pedals

Behringer P1 IEM Beltpack / BASN Dual Driver Pro In Ear Monitors

Shure SM58 / Hercules Stands

2x Apple iPad 2's (for film projection & mixer control)

Quorn Biryani, Ribena and Cadbury's Whole Nut

Favourite Prog Moment:

"Can’t really think of an all time favourite! I love the mellotron intro on Watcher Of The Skies, and the mellotron intro on King Crimson’s In The Wake Of Poseidon. Come to think of it... mellotron intro on KC’s Starless too... mellotron/organ intro on Fountain Of Salmacis.... I see a pattern emerging here! But I also love all Van Der Graaf Generator’s heavy and dischordant moments too, and Pete Hamill’s voice is incredible... not to mention Dark Side Of The Moon... and Steve Hillage’s Solar Musick Suite!! I could go on..... but I won’t. I’m loving Swedish band, Beardfish .... Steven Wilson's solo albums.... it's never ending!"